So winter is approaching and the last few years have seen snow and real cold snaps! Brrrr and Grrrrr.

We really do not like the cold weather. The cotton suits are back and extra thick dollops of cream. But worst of all I can see Ayla’s skin getting more itchy and dry each week. I definitely have a better understanding now than when she was little, and I feel that at least during the summer we know that we have it pretty much under control so it’s 6 months of keeping on top things.

Now it’s time to get prepared. Order new cotton suits, cotton polo necks and make sure we have an endless supply of cream!

Silky smooth!! :-)

So I haven’t posted for ages again…sorry to anyone reading. But truth me told eczema has taken a real back seat in our lives. I barely notice that it is there lurking on the skin. Summer started late….probably didn’t see any sun until late June….but bam when it came it really came!!

In July we enjoyed some gorgeous hot weather which went on and on for a good few weeks. So I stripped Ayla off and applied just enough sunscreen to stop any burning and let the sun do its magic. Within a week Ayla’s skin was noticeably better and after 3 weeks he skin was silky smooth. To the point that even the teachers were commenting on her lovely skin. With the decent summer and a dose of salt water on a camping trip Ayla has the best skin I have seen on her since she was a babe in arms.

For the first time in three years Ayla is sleeping without her sleep suits :-) I have been slapping on huge dollops of cream for years and years then putting tight suits on and all of a sudden we are down to just centraben and cotton pjs. Gettting ready for bed has become a whole lot quicker.

I know for some people with eczema the summer months can be awful but for us it works. The impact it has on Aylas skin, which has a knock on effect on life in general has even made me consider emigrating….not the only reason but it would difficult go on the pro list!

Eczema Flare Up :-(((

I have well and truely had enough of this cold cold cold weather. It feels like it has been a six month long winter. Not only does it mean we have spent little time outside, it has been mean mean mean on Ayla’s skin.

The lastest cold spell (March!!!) has really hit Ayla hard. Just when we should be thinking of stripping off and getting some fresh air Ayla has had a massive flare up. Probably the worst she has been for 2 years and has reduced me to tears.

It has not been like the flare ups of old though. Ever since Ayla has been dairy and wheat free she has pretty much been flare up free too. This flare up wasn’t all over but for the first time ever her poor little face has been soooo sore. She has had cracked skin under her ear lobes, an infected sore above her lip (where she has licked her dry lips, causing them to become dry and cracked…which then became infected) and eczema all along her hair line.

Added to this she had an infection to the eczema behind her knees from scratching at the dry skin. But thankfully after a few weeks hard work she is looking good again. This is what we did to clean it up!!!……

1) Emuvate on skin infection behind knees twice a day for two days.

2) Creaming up every two hours (luckily it was the weekend!!) and wearing of sleepsuits all day and night for two days.

3) Germolene cream on cracked skin behind knees after infection had gone to help healing process. Also used on ears.

4) Cold sore cream on lip to stop infection every hour for two days. Then normal cream as dry.

5) Anto-dandruff shampoo every other day/every three days. Relieves itching and helps with flaky skin.

It has been hard work…but I am sure like any parent reading this blog I would do anything to make Ayla’s eczema away!! So please hurry up warmer weather…we need some naked time!!

Gruffalo Mozzarella….??

Sorry I have been away for soooo long. Been an eventful new year and I am glad January is over. Onwards and upwards is all I can say.

So Ayla was asking for her favourite ‘cheese’ today. We came about Buffalo Mozzarella a bit by accident really. We were at a County Fair and saw a stand selling Buffalo Ice-cream. So I let Ayla have a whole scoop (and we would wait to see what happened). Well that experience will stick with me forever. The first time she has ever chosen her own flavoured icecream (and all her cousins had the same) and she licked the whole tub clean. She LOVED it! I awaited the hives to appear…..they didn’t come!!

My Mum then suggested we try Buffalo Mozarella. We did…and again she was ok. So now it is a bit of a treat. We but wheat free pizza bases and Tesco Finest Buffalo Mozarella and Ayla gets to make her own pizza and gobble it all up!!!

Ayla couldn’t remember the name Buffalo Mozarella at first so we changed it to Gruffalo Cheese!!

Yum yum….worth a try for other dairy sufferers. Start teeny tiny.

Happy Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is Christmas Eve..Eve and it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. I have spent so much time (and money!!) making sure Ayla has lots of yummy ‘Ayla Friendly’ treats for Christmas, – there are biscuits, chocolates, vanilla shakes, crisps etc etc that I completely forgot myself and realised I had nothing in the fridge to even make myself a sandwich for work!!

Oh well….wine and chocolate it is then ;-)

Happy Christmas x x x

Ayla Friendly Frosting!!!

My niece is totally addicted to buttercream. Seriously if she bakes a cake we are lucky if the buttercream makes it to the cake!! My sister stubbled across these and got her three tubs as a birthday treat!! When we looked at the ingredients, imagine our excitement when we saw they are Ayla Friendly!!

They do say ‘may contain milk’ due to factory handling methods but no wheat or dairy in the ingredients list, even the chocolate flavours. Yum yum – I can not wait to try!!

We don’t like the cold!!! :-(

Sorry it has been a while since I posted, but I am still settling back into work after maternity leave with Baby Bro. Boo hiss boo hiss (work!!)

So it has suddenly turned mega cold. It makes me miserable and it makes Ayla itch. Her poor skin gets so dry in this weather, mainly her neck and joints but everywhere really! We are still trying out the salt baths and I am sure it takes the redness from her skin at the end of the day but I have found I can not bathe her and Baby Bro together so he has his bath first before we chuck the salt in! She did say it stung at first (but that’s like the sea so I guess maybe its working?!).

Let’s get through winter and dream of warmer days……and the motto for Winter is



A cotton onesie!!!

Oh the excitement!!!

Now the evenings are drawing in there is nothing better than locking the doors and jumping into your onesie!! Yep that includes mummy. Baby Bro was brought a super cute Giraffe Onesie for his 1st birthday with a tail and ears. Ive got a nice fleecy number with feet and poor Ayls has grown out of hers. Now I like her to wear clothes with a high cotton content as it much kinder for her skin – especially in a warm bed with all that nasty bacteria lurking about.

Well she spefically requested one with feet!! So I have searched high and low for a cotton onesie with feet for a 4 year old!!! And HOORAY I found one in Matalan and she has been wearing it every night since. She can scratch her ankles and is all tucked up and  she looks sooooo cute!!!

Now the only problem will be washing and drying it before she notices it missing!!

Sun, Sea and Skin…………

We have recently returned from a week in Lanzarote. This is Ayla’s first ‘hot’ summer holiday by the beach since being on her ‘Ayla Friendly’ diet. Now I knew from previous experience that both the sun and salt water have a really positive effect on her skin. So I couldnt wait to bring the two things together and see if her skin improved – as well as sticking to her diet and creaming regime.


It took about 3 days for her skin to firstly calm down (she had a minor flare up before we left), then from day 4 it just got better and better!!! Luckily she tans really easily and doesn’t burn so although I kept cream on her during the hottest part of the day. But for an hour in the morning I left cream off and we were vigilent with her emoilients and bathing at the end of the day. The result of a week slashing around in the sea and running around with little on……….beautiful skin!!

The redness went down, the scratches which are seem to be permanent on her ankles have gone. It brought tears to my eyes!!! By the end of the holiday we even let Ayla have a small scoop of icecream….and she was fine!!

10 days on and Ayla’s skin is still looking great. Reason enough for a holiday by the seaside at least once a year I say!!!

Chocolate Nut Cake – Ummmmm

175g Ground almonds

150g High cocoa chocolate (Green and Blacks) or dairy free chocolate

125g soya butter

6 eggs (separated)

75g caster sugar

Grease and line 23cm/round springform tin or tray with non stick baking paper.

Place chocolate and 2 tbsp water in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. Remove from heat, allow to cool slightly and whisk in soya butter and egg yolks. Beat egg whites in a separate with a linch of salt, add sugar, beating all the time until thick and shiny. Slowly fold into thick chocolate mixture. Pour mixture into the cake tin and bake for 35-40 minutes until risen and firm to touch.

Yummy. Ayla likes to eat with Alpro soya cream ;)