So most of you will know what eczema is so I won’t bore you with the medical side of things but what might help and what we go through and do.

I something feel like life resolves around creaming!!! Or ‘Creaming Up’ as we say. If I go out without a giant tub of Cetraben I feel a bit anxious!!

As soon as Ayla is out of bed she gets creamed up. A great big coat of Unguentum M. There is no rushing us in the morning, so its a good job she wakes up sooooo early!! Then she can normally go until she finished her morning session at school but she takes Cetraben with her just in case. Then creaming up before lunch and again maybe around 3pm.

By the time teatime comes around Ayla is usually getting tired and this makes her start scratching and getting itchy. When this happened the best thing to do is have a bath with Oilatum!!! This calms her and her skin down and she will then eat tea!! After her milky bath she gets creamed up with loads of Unguentum M and then has her itchy suits on – these are the bandage suits which are worn inside out and are skin tight. We love them!!! They are given on prescription and was suggested by the hospital. She has not missed a night wearing them in 18 months. (I will try and get a pic of Ayla in them on here). She also wears them in the winter under her school uniform.

So that it just the day to day routine – without it her skin dries up and get ‘a little bit itchy’. If she has a flare up, usually knees or neck then we use hydrocortisone, but we don’t use this daily anymore.

Then there are things which just add to all this….going swimming (she needs rinsing and loads of cream after) playing outside in the summer (antihistamine medicine due to grass and pollen allergy) animal hair (ultra sensitive!) the cold weather or extreme changes in temperature (extra cream). I guess every child is different, these are just a few of the things which impact on Ayla. But I’ll keep you up to date with what is working for us…

One thought on “Eczema

  1. Hi Beth, stumbled over your lovely web page from mumsnet – My nearly two year old daughter has had eczema since she was two weeks old. It turned out she is allergic to egg and dairy, as so many eczema kids seem to be! But I am a bit on a mission because we found a way to massively improve her skin since she relapsed badly and was diagnosed with an allergy to some usually healthy bacteria that live on the skin. No chance of avoiding these! We did some research and then switched from detergent to soap, in shampoo, for her hands and body, but especially in our washing. I make my own laundry soap with olive soap, borax substitute and washing soda. It’s incredible – even my longstanding eczema – dyshidrotic syndrome on the hands, mainly, has disappeared. It’s worth googling and trying out – just seems to leaves the skin more resilience. Maybe it will help Ayla, too?

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