First up, I am not a Doctor, I do not have any medical training – I am just a Mummy who will do and try anything to make life for Babybear a little easier.

A lot of what we have done and tried has just been through my own research and gut instincts. Luckily we have very helpful and supportive specialists at our local hospital where Ayla is an outpatient – and they have helped with advice and testing.

When Ayla was 2 and a half we had reached the point where we had tried everything, I did not want to be using strong steroid creams every day when I was still not seeing improvements. By chance we saw a locum at our GPs and she took one look at Ayla and referred her to the dermatology clinic at the hospital.

At the same time I had decided to take wheat, dairy and eggs from Ayla’s diet. Looking back at when Ayla developed ezcema it was definiely well after I started weaning her. I thought that food must be playing a part. I made sure that she was still having a good diet and soya milk has added calcium but it really isn’t that hard!!!

It took a while to get use to but I would say by 6-8 weeks I could see real improvements. Her skin was visible clearer. Then when out one day she tried a doughnut!! Within 12 hours she had little red spots (I know now are hives) all over her torso and she spent the next day telling me she was “a little bit itchy”. So from that point on I was really strict and checked everything. Around 9 months later on holiday with our family Ayla was allowed an ice-cream on our final evening……12 hours later itchy and hives!! This time my family saw it to and couldn’t believe the reaction. I wasn’t just imagining it – certain foods were making her skin worse.

By know we had also been referred to a dietitian through the hospital who we see every 3-4 months just to check Ayla is having all the essential food groups and they check her height and weight. Interestingly she had slowly been slipping down the charts but after a year of changing her diet she was growing faster than ever!!!

This Autumn Ayla was referred for formal allergy testing where we spoke to a specialist and she had a number of skin prick tests. It showed instant reactions to grass and pollen. But she has also been diagnosed as having Type 4 Allergies to wheat and dairy.

I truly believe that the changes made in her diet and a more thorough skincare regime has resulted Ayla’s eczema now being under control.

A typical day……..

Rice crispies with soya milk or wheat free bread/crumpet with soya spread.

Wheat free bread sandwich or free from nuggets/fishfingers.

Free from pasta or rice with tuna or salmon and veggies.

Snacks…..dried fruit, soya yoghurts, ready salted crisps, chocolate soya milk.

All the main supermarkets  now have excellent ‘Free From’ ranges and loads of food is fine. I have found that the plainer and simpler the better – so ready salted crisps, tomato based sauces, salad cream. Most of the time I know cook from scratch (something of a surprise!!). I will add a page of good places to buy things like Ayla Friendly ice cream cones and which good chocolate!!

But if you feel like food may be a culprit… may be worth a try!!!


One thought on “Allergies

  1. Great article. I don’t have a child with itchy skin, but I have been having very itchy skin as of late. I have lots of allergies and wonder if maybe some of them have developed. Thank you again!

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