Sponge Cake :-)

By Nana!!!

So this is the first recipe and its really good.  It can be used for a birthday cake or cup cake.

125g soya butter

125g caster sugar

Cream above together….then

125g rice flour or wheat free flour or mixture of both

2 eggs beaten

Add flour to eggs.

Level tsp gluten free baking powder

Level tsp xantham gum

Few drops of vanilla extract (NOT essence)

Add everything together and mix well.

Pour into whatever tins you fancy and cook of Gas Mark 4 or 180C (160C ) for approx 30 mins or when knife comes out without mixture.

To make the Ladybird Cake (Aylas 4th Birthday Cake)….

Use a 2 litre bowl for the mould and increase ingredients to fit bowl size. Then cover the baked cake with soya buttercream and cover in red fondant with balck spots. The antenae are licqurice secured with cocktail sticks!! Yummy….



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