Not again……………..

Sorry it has been a while since I have posted, school holidays, Olympics (additcted to watching!!) so things been side lined.

Just a quick one today. Ive been hoping that we were in the clear, that we wouldn’t have to go through it all again but today I realised I am kidding myself – I think our little boy has eczema. Boooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

He has had dry patchy skin on his back for a month or so (he is 11 months) but i figured maybe it was from sweat, heat when sleeping, lack of fresh air (!!) etc. But no its pretty obvious this weekend - its eczema. Over his back and tummy and around his neck but no where else, He has been suffering from ‘molluscum contagiosum’ for a few months, and I have read that this can cause eczema whilst the child is suffering from it. Fingers crossed!!

Molluscum contagiosum (MC) is a viral skin infection. The most common symptom of MC is small, firm, raised spots on the skin, which usually form in little clusters. MC is usually painless, although some people may feel mild to moderate itchiness. The condition is not a serious threat to health, but it can be annoying and, in severe cases, it can look ugly. In most cases, MC will go away within 18 months without the need for treatment. The condition is highly infectious. However, most people are resistant to the molluscum contagiosum virus, meaning they are unlikely to develop MC if they come into contact with the virus.

If anyone has any experience of MC then please share!

But I am so gald we are signed up for the Eat Study. Next month he will be down int London for his yearly check up so he will get looked over and advised. Not sure we can fit in more creaming!!!




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