How our shopping list has changed?….

It has been a gradual process.

When Ayla went Wheat and Dairy Free I started shopping differently, but mainly just eliminating those foods. However seeing the difference her diet made to her skin and general health I have become more and more interested in nutrition and diet.

I am a strong believer that we are what we eat….and many many ailments can be improved through our diets. I am also a keen runner and know how important fuelling my body is.

So food for us is mostly about health and I now cook with coconut oil and hemp oil, I love almond butter (the kids still prefer the cheap peanut butter but I add almond butter to smoothies and flapjack!) and have bags of nuts and chia seeds!! My list of superfoods is endless and there are always blueberries for porridge. But the kids to draw the line at algae!!

Not only has Ayla skin drastically improved but she is thriving on her diet. She has gone from a teeny toddler to a strong tall 6 year old!!! In fact both kids do not stop eating and growing!!!