Gruffalo Mozzarella….??

Sorry I have been away for soooo long. Been an eventful new year and I am glad January is over. Onwards and upwards is all I can say.

So Ayla was asking for her favourite ‘cheese’ today. We came about Buffalo Mozzarella a bit by accident really. We were at a County Fair and saw a stand selling Buffalo Ice-cream. So I let Ayla have a whole scoop (and we would wait to see what happened). Well that experience will stick with me forever. The first time she has ever chosen her own flavoured icecream (and all her cousins had the same) and she licked the whole tub clean. She LOVED it! I awaited the hives to appear…..they didn’t come!!

My Mum then suggested we try Buffalo Mozarella. We did…and again she was ok. So now it is a bit of a treat. We but wheat free pizza bases and Tesco Finest Buffalo Mozarella and Ayla gets to make her own pizza and gobble it all up!!!

Ayla couldn’t remember the┬áname Buffalo Mozarella at first so we changed it to Gruffalo Cheese!!

Yum yum….worth a try for other dairy sufferers. Start teeny tiny.