Happy Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is Christmas Eve..Eve and it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. I have spent so much time (and money!!) making sure Ayla has lots of yummy ‘Ayla Friendly’ treats for Christmas, – there are biscuits, chocolates, vanilla shakes, crisps etc etc that I completely forgot myself and realised I had nothing in the fridge to even make myself a sandwich for work!!

Oh well….wine and chocolate it is then ;-)

Happy Christmas x x x

Ayla Friendly Frosting!!!

My niece is totally addicted to buttercream. Seriously if she bakes a cake we are lucky if the buttercream makes it to the cake!! My sister stubbled across these and got her three tubs as a birthday treat!! When we looked at the ingredients, imagine our excitement when we saw they are Ayla Friendly!!


They do say ‘may contain milk’ due to factory handling methods but no wheat or dairy in the ingredients list, even the chocolate flavours. Yum yum – I can not wait to try!!

We don’t like the cold!!! :-(

Sorry it has been a while since I posted, but I am still settling back into work after maternity leave with Baby Bro. Boo hiss boo hiss (work!!)

So it has suddenly turned mega cold. It makes me miserable and it makes Ayla itch. Her poor skin gets so dry in this weather, mainly her neck and joints but everywhere really! We are still trying out the salt baths and I am sure it takes the redness from her skin at the end of the day but I have found I can not bathe her and Baby Bro together so he has his bath first before we chuck the salt in! She did say it stung at first (but that’s like the sea so I guess maybe its working?!).

Let’s get through winter and dream of warmer days……and the motto for Winter is