A cotton onesie!!!

Oh the excitement!!!

Now the evenings are drawing in there is nothing better than locking the doors and jumping into your onesie!! Yep that includes mummy. Baby Bro was brought a super cute Giraffe Onesie for his 1st birthday with a tail and ears. Ive got a nice fleecy number with feet and poor Ayls has grown out of hers. Now I like her to wear clothes with a high cotton content as it much kinder for her skin – especially in a warm bed with all that nasty bacteria lurking about.

Well she spefically requested one with feet!! So I have searched high and low for a cotton onesie with feet for a 4 year old!!! And HOORAY I found one in Matalan and she has been wearing it every night since. She can scratch her ankles and is all tucked up and  she looks sooooo cute!!!

Now the only problem will be washing and drying it before she notices it missing!!

Sun, Sea and Skin…………

We have recently returned from a week in Lanzarote. This is Ayla’s first ‘hot’ summer holiday by the beach since being on her ‘Ayla Friendly’ diet. Now I knew from previous experience that both the sun and salt water have a really positive effect on her skin. So I couldnt wait to bring the two things together and see if her skin improved – as well as sticking to her diet and creaming regime.


It took about 3 days for her skin to firstly calm down (she had a minor flare up before we left), then from day 4 it just got better and better!!! Luckily she tans really easily and doesn’t burn so although I kept cream on her during the hottest part of the day. But for an hour in the morning I left cream off and we were vigilent with her emoilients and bathing at the end of the day. The result of a week slashing around in the sea and running around with little on……….beautiful skin!!

The redness went down, the scratches which are seem to be permanent on her ankles have gone. It brought tears to my eyes!!! By the end of the holiday we even let Ayla have a small scoop of icecream….and she was fine!!

10 days on and Ayla’s skin is still looking great. Reason enough for a holiday by the seaside at least once a year I say!!!