A recent post in the Our Story section made me think about how we are always trying to reduce stress and keep Ayla calm!! That is because whenever Ayla gets nervous, upset, tired…… stressed - the first thing she does is start having a scratch. It doesnt matter where we are (she is 4!) or what she is doing.

I remember a time last year when Mr G had taken Ayla to the supermarket. Well you all know the advert on TV where small child has a complete meltdown and throws a trantrum right there in the aisle -  Ayla took it one step further. On being told she could not have sweets, she threw herself onto the floor wailing, then down came her pants, legs akimbo and she is having a good old scratch in the middle of the aisle while the trolleys move around her. A little embarrasing!!!

There are lots of times when she just needs a good telling off or left to cry it out!! But we can’t leave her to scratch herself until she bleeds so we have to settle her. When she was little we never did the ‘controlled crying’ all the other mums were raving about – I would just have visions of her in her cot reaching any skin she could. Then when she was 18 months we got those great PJs with mittens, feets and buttons down the back so she couldn’t do any damage and we finally cracked the going to sleep!! (now its just keeping her asleep which is the problem!!).

It is funny as Mr G (who still has severe eczema) still does the same when stressed or nervous. You should see our wedding video!!!

Nettle Tea?!

I am a firm believer in trying to heal from the inside. I spend a lot of time researching on the internet what might work. Ayla has allergies to tree pollen and grass and has to take antihistamine medicine if her symptoms are bad. We have also been advised to take if something slips into her diet.

So my new ‘super food’ at the moment is NETTLE TEA! It is a natural antihistamine…

Not that we have been able to get Ayla drink it!! It is safe for kiddies to drink but Ayla is not one for hot drinks anyway. But MR G does drink it and thinks it does help. He too has a allergy to grass and after a recent flare up drank up to 4/5 a day and it definitely help calm his skin down.

Give it a try :-)

Dried Fruit Crumble Bar

Preheat Oven – Gas 3, 160C, Fan 140C

Grease and Line a shallow oblong tray tin approx 27cm x 18cm.

BASE:- 150g soya butter, 150g caster sugar, 200g rice/gluten free flour or mix of both,1/2 tsp baking powder, 1 egg yolk.

Cream butter and sugar, sift flour and baking powder. Add egg yolk and flour and baking powder. Turn onto floured board and roll to fit the baking tin.

FILLING:- 250g prunes/dates, 125g figs, 175g sultanas, 3 tbsp thick honey.

Chop dried fruit mix, blend with honey and spread over the base.

TOPIING:- 75g soya butter, 165g gluten free flour, 2 tbsp demerara sugar.

Rub butter into flour, tip into a bowl and fold in sugar and a few drops of water. Scatter over the fruit filling and a little extra demerara sugar. Bake for 50-60 minutes. When cooled cut into squares.

Perfect for a picnic or lunchbox!!